Kitaro - Toward the West (1986)

This album was Kitaro’s first studio recording in two years, released in February 1986. Kitaro’s album Light of the Spirit was soon to follow one year later with the Grammy award for the single track “The Field”.

The music Kitaro composed for this album was inspired by a significant change in direction toward the west while the NHK crew were filming for the “Silk Road Journey” television series. The music also reflects the hardships and peace they encountered along the way, their connection without time, and their seemingly auspicious endless journey.

The album was available in LP, CD and cassette. However, this album was remastered on CD in 1998 and released as ‘Endress (Endless) Journey’.

For an update on Kitaro’s current musical themes of journeys, please see Ancient, An Ancient Journey, and Sacred Journey of Ku-kai. Also see Kitaro.us for his most recent pilgrimage to 88 sacred places. As Kitaro’s states, “ This will be my life’s work from now on….”
1 Auspicious Omen
2 Halo
3 Melancholy
4 Eayment
5 Great Voyage
6 Sacred Mountain Sunrise
7 Delight
8 In Peace
9 Utopia
10 Endless Journey

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