Kitaro - Dream (1992)

Dream features the incomparable vocals of "YES" legend, Jon Anderson. This was the first time Kitaro employed lyrical singing on a recording (except for record track 11, Caravan, on Noah's Ark). For this reason and for the sheer quality of the music, Dream also received a Grammy Nomination and has become one of the best selling Kitaro releases of recent years. Original release by Geffen Records in 1992 and re-released by Domo Records in 1998.

A note from John Anderson, "The time I spent with Kitaro were so very special to me, rehearsing on top of the mountain at Gold Lake, it was there we created music on such a spiritual level. I still think about the shows we did with wonder, our concerts had a great energy and touched a lot of people in a unique way. Among the other songs, we wrote a musical song/work together called "Peace Symphony", when we played this in the tour it was pure magic, I have wonderful memories of our times together...I thank you from my heart Kitaro, and hope we will see each other soon..."

Symphony of the Forest
Mysterious Island
Lady of Dreams (Lyrics)
A Drop of Silence
A Passage of Life
Agreement (Lyrics)
Dream of Chant
Magical Wave
Symphony of Dreams an
Island of Life (Lyrics)

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