Kitaro - Best of Ten Years (1987)

This two-disc compilation was originally released in 1986 and contains sixteen selected tracks. The package also includes a detailed eight-page biography on the musical life of Kitaro.
20-Bit Digitally remastered in 1996
Another compilation to consider for your collection would also be the album 'Kitaro Best' that covers Kitaro's music saint career from 1987-2003. These two CD's make great bookends for your best Kitaro collection.

Disc 1:

Dawn/Rising Sun
Shimmering Horizon
Oasis from Oasis
Caravansary from India
Lord of the Wind from Tunhuang
Theme from Silk Road
Cosmic Love from Millennia

The Clouds from KI.

Disc 2:
Earth Born from Silver Cloud
Aqua from Oasis
Mirage from Tonko
Moon Star from Ten-Jiku
Flight from Tunhuang
Bell Tower from Silk Road
Plus Song for Peace.
(Digitally remastered in 1996).

Download Full Album:
CD 1 CD 2

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