Kitaro - Silk Road (1980)

This is the music fromm the epic special production for NHK Television.

Silk Road was a five year mini-series produced by Japan's top creator of
of television and film content. Silk Road has been seen and loved by millions
in the civilized world and Kitaro's work is the spirit that binds the years
and adventures together.

" Silk Road" was originally released by Kuckuck/Canyon Records 1980/1981.
Disc 1 or LP 1:
Silk Road (Shichu No Michi)
Bell Tower (Shoro)
Heavenly Father (Tenchi Sohzo Shin)
The Great River (Harukanaru Taiga)
The Great Wall Of China (Chohjo)
Flying Celestial Nymphs (Hiten)
Silk Road Fantasy (Silk Road Genso)
Shimmering Light (Hikari To Kage)
Westbound (Nishi Ni Mukkatte)
Time (Toki No Nagare)
Bodhisattva (Bosatsu)
Everlasting Road (Towa No Michi)
Remastered. See Silk Road Vol. 1

Disc 2 or LP 2:
(Shizukesa No Nakade)
Takla Makan Desert (Takuramakan Sabaku)
Eternal Spring (Inochi No Izumi)
Silver Moon (Karakhoto No Genso)
Magical Sand Dance (Shimpi Naru Suna No Mai)
40080 (40080 Nen)
Time Travel (Jikukan)
Reincarnation (Saisei)
Dawning (Yoake)
Tienshan (Tenzan)
Remastered. See Silk Road Vol. 2

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