Karunesh - Heart Symphony (1990)


Music to help you unwind, de-stress, relax. Melodies like a natural thermal stream, cascading in the well kept garden outside your spa resort.

01. Wide Open
02. Heart Symphony: From Other Spheres/Searching For A New Dimension/Peace Of Mind
03. The Inner Temple
04. Rays Of Hope
05. Listen And Feel
06. Once Upon A Time
07. The Day Begins

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Karunesh - Sky's Beyond (1989)


With a mystical and expansive quality, these haunting melodies of wondrous beauty open the heart and lift the spirits towards the worlds beyond this world we occupy. Plaintive electric guitar fills the opening track, and the evocative titles, such as 'Moon in the Water,' 'Into the Light,' and 'New Morning' are representative of the music within.

01. Sky's Beyond
02. Moon In The Water
03. Atlantis
04. Into The Light
05. Over The Hills
06. New Morning
07. Indian Summer

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