Kitaro - Oasis (1979)

Oasis was Kitaro's debut album showing his musical genius, produced in 1976. Little could Kitaro have known Oasis would mark the beginning of a career that would span decades. Kitaro was around 23 years old at this time.

Three years later Japanese television (NHK) was about to embark upon their production of a five-year mini series titled Silk Road. For the soundtrack, NHK was considering ten other musicians at that time but commissioned Kitaro based on the music from his album "Oasis".

To NHK, Kitaro's music was "mind music" and would fit the theme of the ancients traveling the Silk Road. Furthermore, Mr. Koizum said Kitaro was a natural on the power of the analog synthesizer using the most complicated technique but with the most fundamental beauty in music. Mr. Matsumoto stated Kitaro's music is a natural flow of nature and matches his oriental bloodline. "Before one is born, this is the sound one hears", said Mr. Naja Oka.

Morning Prayer
New Wave
Cosmic Energy
Eternal Spring
Shimmering Horizon
Fragrance of Nature
Innocent People

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Kitaro - Oasis (1979)

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