Kitaro - Heaven and Earth (1993)

Kitaro received The Golden Globe Award for this movie sound track, Heaven And Earth, an Oliver Stone film released in 1993.

From three-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone, "...He (Kitaro) is a wonderfully gifted artisan and composer. His passion and hard work produced the music that beautifully fulfilled the imagery of the film we made together, Heaven and Earth. I think he ended up writing, over almost one year, three times the amount of music we used. He was tireless in going back again and again to the boards."

This 140 minute video is a powerful story of a man who fought, a woman who endured... and a love caught up in the explosive wartime upheaval of a land and a people caught between Heaven and Earth.

Special video features: Includes amazing alternate 30 minute opening with score from Kitaro..
Heaven and Earth
Sau Dau Tree
Ahn & Le Ly Love Theme
Saigon Reunion
Sau Nightmare
V.C. Bonfire
Trong Com
Ahn's House
Last Phone Call
A Child Without A Father
Village Attack/The Arrest
Walk To The Village
Steve's Ghosts
Return To Vietnam
End Title.

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