Kitaro - Kojiki (1990)

Kitaro masterfully conceived and performed the music for Kojiki based on this famous Japanese ancient chronicle of the creation of Japan (Yamato). The music was originally released by Amuse America as a German import in 1990 and was nominated for a Grammy that same year. This album was digitally re-mastered in 1996. In July 2003, this classic was re-mastered as a Super Audio CD to provide the ultimate sound when played on an SACD player or normal sound on a CD player.

The album, or video, features Kitaro's signature sound of the Musician's Magician, along with the string section from the Skywalker Symphony, the score to this thematic backdrop is full of passion, beauty and drama. The album includes a three-page synopsis of this famous Japanese myth.

This full-length concert was performed again live in 1994 at Tokyo Bay. This concert was performed in December, at night, with the backdrop of a one million dollar spectacular fireworks display during the show. Fuji filmed the event, and it was televised in Japan, but the video was never made public. However, the available 55-minute video is a dramatic visual of the famous, now classic Kojiki World Tour Performance.

This 1990 world tour concert was accompanied by a beautiful 36 page book printed on premium paper depicting copies of old Japanese prints of this famous myth. This tour book has been printed in both Japanese and English.

Available in very limited quantities
(The Beginning)
(Love and Passion)
Orochi (Battle)
Nageki (Be Grieved and Regret)
Matsuri (Festival)
Reimei (New Dawn)

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