Kitaro - Silk Road Suite (1980)

The music on this album is derived from the original soundtrack Kitaro created for NHK's documentary special "Silk Road Journey" for a popular Japanese television series. The series would run for five years, which had begun in 1979, for total cost of over 50,000,000.00. In addition to Kitaro, NHK was also considering ten other musicians at that time but commissioned Kitaro based on the music from his album "Oasis". (Kitaro was around 27 years old at this time.)

Mr. Tamai, Chief Producer for NHK, initially conceived the Silk Road project and Mr. Nandi, Kitaro's producer, promoted this symphonic arrangement.

To NHK, Kitaro's music was "mind music" and would fit the theme of the ancients traveling the Silk Road. Furthermore, Mr. Koizum said Kitaro was a natural on the power of the analog synthesizer using the most complicated technique but with the most fundamental beauty in music. Mr. Matsumoto stated Kitaro's music is a natural flow of nature and matches his oriental bloodline. "Before one is born, this is the sound one hears", said Mr. Naja Oka.

Subsequently, Kitaro served as music director for the 1993 film production "Heaven and earth," directed by Oliver Stone, and was honored Composer's Award for his achievement at the 51st Golden Globe Awards. (Kitaro was around 40 years old at this time.) And in 2000 he was designated an international environmental artist by the Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE).

In 2002, he also provided music for NHK special "Four Great Civilizations". On 15 March 2002, in Los Angels, Ca., Grammy and Golden Award Winning recording artist, Kitaro was awarded the Japan America Society's "Art Without Borders" award at the organizations 93rd Annual Gala Celebration. He also recently produced the music for NHK's special "Shikoku 88 Places". (Kitaro was around 51years old at this time.) It has been reported Kitaro created the majority of this music while traveling with the NHK Silk Road film crew. And the NHK crew revealed… "It was Kitaro's music that kept us going through all the hardships we encountered."

All compositions by Kitaro and conducted by Paul Buckmaster with The London Symphony Orchestra in October 1980.
Silk Road Theme
Drifting Sand
Fragrance Of Nature
Silk Road Fantasy
Flying Celestial Nymphs
Silk Road Theme: Andante
Everlasting Road
Bell Tower
Magical Sand Dancing

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Kitaro - Silk Road Suite (1980)

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