Karunesh - Colours Of Light (1987)


Here is a CD filled with colorful harmonies that sparkle through waves of sound, flowing like light reflecting through prisms of joyful expression and positive feelings. Previously released over ten years ago, 'Colours of Light' had been out of print and unavailable for some time, and its welcome return allows for a revisiting to this delightful set of ten magical, dream-like compositions. With child-like wonder, Karunesh moves through these rainbow-hued tracks with occasional exotic rhythms among the shimmering melodies and Kitaro-like production. With a number of recordings to his credit, this is one of the most beloved and enchanting recordings in the extensive Karunesh catalog. If music could express innocence, this would be a strong choice for that role.

01. Japanese Spring
02. Sweet Dreams
03. Dawnlight
04. Galadriel
05. Love Song
06. Lightdance
07. Magic Fields
08. Fantasy In Blue
09. Shabono
10. The End Of A Day

Download Full Album:
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